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Subcuject WBI

Low cost
Patient friendly
Pharma friendly


Utilizing a strong force of nature

For injection of larger pharmaceutical volumes subcutaneously, a low flow rate is needed in order for the tissue to absorb the volume injected. In order to achieve this, complex and expensive drive mechanisms with batteries and electronics are commonly used in larger volume, on-body injectors.

The Subcuject WBI utilizes forward osmosis technology to generate force. In simplified terms, two chambers of liquid are separated by a semipermeable membrane. Adding salt to one chamber draws in liquid from the other chamber and hydraulic/mechanical pressure for driving the plunger in the primary drug container is generated. Simple and at a low cost.

Osmosis is a basic and strong force of nature.

Pending patents cover core and peripheral functionality.

Low Cost

The Subcuject WBI only has few moving parts, resulting in inherent low cost of goods sold.

The CoGS is in the range of prefilled autoinjectors.

Device platform subcuject

Patient friendly device

The Subcuject WBI:

  • Prefilled, preloaded device
  • Invisible/automatic needle insertion and retraction
  • Thin needles
  • Small size and low weight (84 mm long/ 55 g for 5 ml device)
  • Noiseless in operation
  • No patient assembly or setting of the device
  • settings or patient assembly of part
  • Single use disposable
  • No electronics or batteries

Pharma company friendly

The Subcuject device:

  • Prefilled, preloaded device
  • Few moving parts
  • Manufacturing price in the range of prefilled autoinjectors
  • Drug shelf life not compromised – at cold storage
  • Glass cartridge and standard rubbers as primary packaging
  • Can inject high viscosities (at least 100 cP through a G27 needle)
  • Currently designed for upto 5 ml version soon available – can be designed for higher volumes
  • No patient assembly or setting of the device i.e. low risk of incorrect use
  • As environmentally acceptable for single use as a prefilled autoinjector

3 ml device


The Subcuject WBI is ready for drug specific development programs

The current funtional concept devices are designed for drug volumes up to 3  ml and 5 ml respectively

Can be designed for larger volumes

3 ml device

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The Subcuject WBI enables gentle injection of larger and more viscous doses compared to auto autoinjectors – at low cost

Biological drugs take up a high number of pharma development pipeline programs. The advantage of biological drugs is the specific targeting. Biologics are being developed for a large number of illnesses.

Biologics have to be injected, and in order to reduce the inconvenience, many drugs are being developed for subcutaneous delivery (as opposed to intravenous administration).

Furthermore, a large number of biologics are being developed for less frequent injection (e.g. weekly or monthly), resulting in larger and more viscous drugs needing to be administered. In order to avoid patients having go to hospitals for injections, it is also of benefit to the patients and to the total cost of health care if injections can be done at home.

The Subcuject WBI is a low cost device that allows for self-administration of larger doses in an easy-to-use and gentle way. The device is a prefilled, small, ready-to-use and noiseless device that is affixed to the skin, activated by a single button press and discarded after use. Needle insertion and retraction is invisible to the patient.


Subcuject was founded in 2017 to develop the Subcuject WBI.

The company is privately held and is funded by the Danish venture funds VF Venture and Capnova as well as management and the Board of Directors.


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Board of Directors

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The Subcuject WBI is designed for drug/device combinations products, requiring combined development for the specific drug.

Please contact us for discussing your needs.

Jesper Roested

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