Osmotic Wearable
Bolus Injector

Osmotic Wearable
Bolus Injector


Osmotic WBI Technology

Utilizing a strong force of nature

For injection of larger pharmaceutical volumes subcutaneously, a low flow rate is needed in order for the tissue to absorb the volume injected. In order to achieve this, complex and expensive drive mechanisms with batteries and electronics are commonly used in larger volume, on-body injectors.

The Subcuject WBI utilizes forward osmosis technology to generate force. In simplified terms, two chambers of liquid are separated by a semipermeable membrane. Adding salt to one chamber draws in liquid from the other chamber and hydraulic/mechanical pressure for driving the plunger in the primary drug container is generated. Simple and at a low cost.

Osmosis is a basic and strong force of nature.

Pending patents cover core and peripheral functionality.

Osmotic WBI Value Proposition

  • Few parts
  • No moving parts
  • No electronics

  • Standard primary packaging materials
  • Glass cartridge with septum
  • Standard plunger compound

  • Compared with electromechanical wearables
  • Salt and water
  • No electronics or batteries to dispose

Hands-free Autoinjector value proposition

Alternative to conventional handheld autoinjectors

  • Few parts

  • Standard primary packaging materials
  • Glass cartridge with septum
  • Standard plunger compound
  • No excessive force on drug


  • Osmotic WBI
    • Ready for drug specific development
    • The current version can deliver up to 5 ml
    • Can be developed for higher volumes
  • Hands-Free Autoinjector
    • Ready for drug specific development
    • The current version can deliver up to 3 ml
    • Can be developed for higher volumes (5 ml) or for lower volumes (<1 ml)


  • Many new biologics are in development by pharma companies
  • There is a trend towards less frequent drug administration and patient self administration of injections at home
  • This is driving a new class of injectors: wearable bolus injectors (WBI) – also called on-body injectors (OBI) or large volume injectors (LVI)
  • Subcuject is developing a simple WBI injector, using osmosis (salt and water) as the driving engine
  • As an alternative to conventional hand-held autoinjectors, Subcuject is also developing a Hands-Free Autoinjector which is driven by a spring

About us

  • Subcuject is a company developing innovative injection devices
  • The company was formed in 2017 and is privately held
  • Subcuject works with established and proven partners on development and later manufacturing


Jesper Roested


20+ years experience in business development, management and venture financing within medtech and life sciences. MSc. In Medical Electronics & Physics. Previously Partner at VF Venture investing in- and development of medtech companies. CEO of DDD-Diagnostic (nuclear medicine scanners), multiple positions at Novo Nordisk (in drugs and devices) and McKinsey & Co.
Claus Schmidt Møller inventor, Founder and CTO

Claus Schmidt Møller

Inventor, Founder and CTO

B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering. 20+ years of track record in innovation of drug delivery devices. Inventor of Novopen 4 & 5 and co-inventor of Flexpen and Flextouch for Novo Nordisk. Several inventions of various medical devices made for or licensed to major Pharma and drug delivery companies. Mentioned as inventor or co-inventor on 60+ patent families.

Board of Directors

Lars Guldbæk Karlsen

Chairman of the Board

Former pharma executive and PhD in Chemical Engineering. 35 years of pharma management experience from Novo Nordisk, hereof 17 years in SVP positions including global responsibility for project portfolio management, business development, device R&D, clinical drug development and quality including 10 years as SVP of Manufacturing Quality. Nine years as Chairman of the Board at Møller & Devicon A/S (now part of Syntegon Technology), special machine manufacturer to the pharma industry.
Paul Jansen member og the board

Paul Jansen

Member of the board

Former Global Head of Medical Device Development for Sanofi. Professional Engineer with more than twenty-five years of experience in medical devices. Extensive experience in the design, development, manufacturing and lifecycle management of medical devices, including Lantus SoloStar. Active member of the International Standards Organisation and currently co-chair of TC84.

Morten Nielsen

Member of the board

Former CEO of Medicom Innovation partner (acquired by Philips Medisize) a leading innovation player within Drug Delivery device and Connected Health solutions. Previously also leading positions in i.a. PA Consulting Group (Management and Technology Consulting), DGM (notified body) and S&W Medico Teknik. More than 25 years of leadership and operational experience – predominantly within MedTech.

Tonni Bülow-Nielsen

Member of the Board

Partner in VF Venture, Teamleader for the Lifescience/Medtech team. Invest from seed- to late stage in MedTech and Industrial technology. Tonni has extensive global industry operational experience. Previous positions include being CEO of Nordic Medical Group A/S, President, ELA Medical (Canada & South America) and VP USA, a part of Sanofi, Global Marketing Director for St. Jude Medical (Los Angeles, USA, and Japan), BU Director for St. Jude Medical EEMEA (Brussels, Belgium), Country Manager for Guidant Nordic

Lars Stigel

Member of the Board

CEO of Capnova, a Danish pre-seed and seed investor. PhD. Since 1998 Lars has been involved in starting and investing in around 140 new companies of which 50 are spin out’s from university and hospital research. Before 1998 he among other positions was in charge of the profiling of university research towards the industry and managed a governmental cross institutional environmental research program.
Claus Demant member of the board

Claus Demant

Co-founder and Member of the Board

E*MBA from SIMI, HD (A) from Copenhagen Business School. 25 years of experience in leadership, strategy and business development. International experience from IT, Electronics and MedTech industry. Regional Leadership positions in Creative Labs and SVP position in Daymen Acquisition S.A

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  • The Subcuject WBI and the Hands-Free Autoinjector are designed for drug/device combinations products, requiring combined development for the specific drug.
  • Please contact us for discussing your needs.

Jesper Roested

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